Art Vantage

Art Vantage Limited was founded in 2011 to hold the artworks of the Tiroche DeLeon Collection. In Feb 2012 it was converted to Art Vantage PCC Limited and effectively became the seed investment in a developing markets contemporary art fund. The Fund's objectives are to build a broad representation of contemporary masterpieces by artists from the major developing art markets of the world, creating the first art fund to be modeled on the best private collections, employing a focused investment strategy that combines strong macro economic fundamentals with unique industry know-how. Art Vantage aims at facilitating the entry of new investors to the art world by demystifying the art of collecting for investment, introducing transparency to what has traditionally been an opaque market, and structuring a fund that is palpable to those experienced in more traditional financial investments, ultimately generating strong and uncorrelated investment returns.

EdifĂ­cio Oceanus, Avenida da Boavista, 3265 - 3.3 

4100-137 Porto 

+351 22 245 0710