Bondlayer is a technology start up based in Porto, Portugal, that developed a visual tool for Apps and Website deployment. Bondlayer empowers web designers to create native apps and responsive websites with full autonomy and no coding. Bondlayer was awarded with a Web Summit invitation from the Portuguese Government and is one of the key players in this area in Portugal. In its first year of commercial operation after the development of this technology, Bondlayer has gained the confident of some of the main companies in Portugal as a partner for the development of digital presences. These set of companies includes brands like Super Bock Group, NOS, Vodafone, museums and several music festivals.

EdifĂ­cio Oceanus, Avenida da Boavista, 3265 - 3.3 

4100-137 Porto 

+351 22 245 0710

Website desenvolvido por Bondhabits.
AgĂȘncia de marketing digital e desenvolvimento de websites e desenvolvimento de apps mobile