Horizon Equity Partners

Horizon Equity Partners is a Portuguese independent fund manager, based in Lisbon, focused on investing in long life and high-quality infrastructure assets, counting on a management team that has been working within the European infrastructure sector for over 20 years. With access to a well-developed network across target sectors and geographies, Horizon's purpose is to generate attractive returns over the life of the fund with limited risk to investors. The target sectors include telecommunications, social, energy, transport and other regulated assets. Horizon is aiming to create value for all that goes beyond financial improvements, helping investee companies to face challenges such as access to capital, family succession, management competences or lack of scale.

EdifĂ­cio Oceanus, Avenida da Boavista, 3265 - 3.3 

4100-137 Porto


+351 22 245 0710

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