Real Estate

Hundred is a real estate development project in Lisbon and Porto, Portugal. With close to 22.000 sqm and 24.000 sqm, in Lisbon and Porto, respectively, Hundred will operate both in the residential and office markets. Located in Avenida Gago Coutinho in Lisbon and in Avenida da Senhora da Hora in Matosinhos (Porto district), Hundred will accommodate from short term to long term residents and companies of different sizes and areas. Hundred will bring a new concept to the market based on a flexible, social and sustainable experience. Hundred will be open to public during 2021.

EdifĂ­cio Oceanus, Avenida da Boavista, 3265 - 3.3 

4100-137 Porto 

+351 22 245 0710

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