Cerealis acquired by Teak Capital and Tangor Capital
Cerealis acquired by Teak Capital and Tangor Capital
October 1, 2021

Cerealis plays in the sectors of pasta, breakfast cereals, industrial and culinary flours and biscuits, and owns the Milaneza, Nacional, Harmonia and Concordia brands. Founded in 1919, the group which was owned and managed for over 102 years by the Amorim and Lage families, was now acquired by Teak Capital and Tangor Capital, the investment holdings of the Moreira da Silva family and the Silva Domingues family, respectively. The acquisition was based on the company's value and the potential for further growing the business.

Cerealis, which ended 2020 with a turnover above €210 million and employs around 700 people, is headquartered in Maia (Portugal) and has industrial facilities in Maia, Trofa, Porto, Coimbra and Lisbon. Cerealis also holds a 33.33 % stake in Europasta, a pasta company in the Czech Republic.

The acquisition was closed at the end of September 2021, following the green light from the Competition Authority.

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